DVD  Qigong Basics
This DVD is about a serie of basic Qigong exercises
which are also being taught in the regular Qigong course, it is divided in 6 parts:
Roots, stands and walks - Dantian - Neck, shoulders and spine Joints and spiral movements - Upper limbs - Internal organs

 DVD Taijiquan Basics
This DVD with English and Spanish commentary contains:
- Basic Posture
- Zhanzhuang (standing like a tree)
- Chansigong (basic technique of Taijiquan)
- 19 Form, front and back viewed
- 19 Form demonstrated step by step

 DVD Laojia (old frame, Chen style)
This DVD is very usefull in practising the Laojia, the 'Long Form', which is performed fluently in front and back view, and also step by step very slowly.

 DVD AnimalForm (Lohan Qigong)
The AnimalForm shown on this DVD, serves as support for those who already are more or less experienced with this form. Clearly and slowly it is performed and recorded from different viewpoints, front and 45° left and right.

To be ordered (within the Netherlands) by writing an
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with your name, adress and telephone,
the dvd will be sent after payment of 25 euro to:
IBAN  NL67 INGB0005262713  - Oscar Muñoz Galeano Amsterdam