QIGONG (Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese discipline to improve and maintain a healthy balance of body and mind.

Qigong is very popular in china and other eastern countries, and forms an integral part of the traditional Chinese medicine, everyday in the parks and other public zones you can observe numerous persons practising. Qigong can cure and prevent illnesses. It is also used in hospitals to help patients to recover. In the last years Qigong is gaining still more recognition also in Europe and the rest of the world.

By exercising Qigong the body becomes more relax, supple and strong. Long and regular training gives a remarkable improvement of the body's posture, which can solve problems in the neck, back or shoulders, or other chronic stress, caused by wrong posture in work or other daily occupations. The disciplined practice is also good for the breathing, while the organs are being massaged and get stronger. The ultimate goal of Qigong is to improve and stimulate the flow of the Qi (life energy) throughout all of the body. The blockage of this flow manifests itself in all sorts of fysical and organic debalancing. The practise of Qigong restores and balances the natural flow of the life-energy, and so makes the way to a integral health more easy.







Here is a list with the different forms of Qigong we use to work with.

Basic Qigong
This is a form based on the Shibafa, a form with 36 movements, divided in 6 sections, aiming at reducing problems with the posture, and stimulating the life-energy in different parts of the body:
- the neck, shoulders and back
- the joints
- the upper limbs
- the lower limbs
- the internal organs
- the middle and  around the centre
see DVD - Qigong Basics

Baduanjin (the 8 brocades)
A serie of eight movements which deeply stimulate the flow of energy in the 8 parts and directions of the body. Its one of the oldest known forms of Qigong.

Lohan Gong (the animal-form)
This form with nice and remarkable movements is based on animals like the tigre, bird, leopard, snake and the dragon. The goal of working with this form is to open up the body and to strengthen it for an optimal flow of energy.